Post 16 Insights


Shannon O'sullivan

My time at sixth form in Rivers Academy, was a learning curve in my life. I underestimated the jump in terms of the amount of work done for GCSEs compared to A-levels which inevitably resulted in my first year being very challenging; however this acted as motivation which pushed my to do well in my second year.

Sixth form helped me grow as a person, I've gained skills necessary for later life, and the two years have really prepared me for the adult world. The majority of the work is independent, however the teachers and the sixth form team are more than willing to provide any help if its needed, the sixth form environment is very comfortable and teachers are respectful, which overall resulted in my time in sixth form being a very positive experience.


Zoe Lindsay

When I reached year 11 after spending 5 years at Rivers Academy, I wanted to move away and gain some independence, move somewhere different. When I move the another college to complete my AS' however, I realised that it wasn't the right choice for me.

I missed the friendly nature of all the teachers at Rivers Academy. When you're a sixth former you are treated as a student but also an adult. Your opinions are held in high regards and you really feel like you are all part of one team. The teachers here always have time for you and give just as much effort as the students do.

Returning to Rivers Academy was a decision I'll never regret and I'm grateful for the time and effort that all members of staff have in helping me to reach my goals.




More Insights:

Emma Prior

In the Sixth Form I was treated like an adult, with mutual respect between staff and students. Whilst being encouraged to adopt an independent approach to my learning I found that teachers were always available to help - whether that is to provide extra reading material or go over anything needed. The Sixth Form provides a comfortable, formal environment, which encourages students to take control of their learningOverall, my experience in the Sixth Form has been thoroughly enjoyable and has helped me to establish promise for a successful future.

Chanelle Evans

Personally, having an effective and rewarding learning experience is completely dependent on the atmosphere and relationship between the students and teachers- which, I think, is perfectly balanced at Rivers Academy Sixth Form. At the beginning of Year 12, I wasn't achieving the grades I was targeted, which made me doubt myself and lose motivation. But Ii can safely say that, with the encouragement and enthusiasm of my teachers, I managed to develop the skills I needed to meet and exceed my target grades in my AS and A level subjects. My learning experience at Sixth Form was made much more enjoyable by the fact that my teachers ensured that I felt confident enough to ask for help when I needed and comfortable enough to have a laugh every now and then.

Lily Pinto

I found the learning experience in Sixth Form very positive - not only the teaching in lessons but the opportunities given to us outside of the curriculum. I was given the chance to learn about the process of applying to university through the HEAPS scheme (Higher Education Access Programme for Schools) and learnt presentation and interview skills through the NASA selection process. I was also very happy with the support available for students; having a academic mentor meant there was always a point of contact if you wanted any help with UCAS, or were having any problems regarding revision. Furthermore there was a friendly atmosphere among students and staff making the sixth form environment an enjoyable place to be both inside and outside of lessons. I was very pleased with everything I was offered at Rivers Academy Sixth Form and my experience there was excellent, due to the high quality of teaching and the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer.