School Information

Rivers Academy has four schools within its school structure and assemblies take place on Monday through to Thursday for each respective schools.  Each school has two heroes they represent and is split into two groups.

During Academic mentoring students are encouraged to take general knwoledge quizzes and to check their equipment to be prepared for evey daily lesson at the academy.

Rivers Academy is an excellent place to work and learn. We have tremendous strengths and in March 2015 Ofsted judged the academy to be outstanding. The levels of exam success in the summer of 2015 were unprecedented. 57% of our Year 11 students gained 5 or more GCSEs at grades A* to C including English and Maths. This places Rivers Academy in the top 19% of schools across all of England and Wales. Such excellence is very impressive indeed. 

At Rivers Academy we are committed to supporting and challenging all students to fulfil ambitious goals. Indeed the Academy’s motto is ‘Aspiration Ambition Achievement’.  We have the highest expectations in terms of uniform, behaviour and mutual respect.  

Students at Rivers Academy understand that meeting these very high standards means that they come to the Academy feeling good about themselves and ready to learn. Staff and students here demonstrate an enormous pride in the Academy and we are a happy Academy focussed on supporting and challenging each other to do our very best to achieve our full potential.

It is our ambition to ensure that all students at the Academy enjoy the benefits of an exciting and engaging curriculum, excellent teaching and learning, calm and purposeful behaviour in lessons and a creative and interesting range of further opportunities that broaden their experiences. We aim to ensure that they understand better the very dynamic and rapidly changing world in which we live today. Young people need to be better qualified and more confident and articulate than ever before as the competition for jobs, college, sixth form and university places becomes increasingly tough. Our singular aim is that the  students leave the Academy well placed to be very successful in their future careers with high levels of self esteem, confidence and the qualifications and skills necessary to thrive in a very competitive world.

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