GCSE P.E. at Rivers Academy

 GCSE P.E at Rivers Academy

Pupils are given the option to continue their Physical Education studies at Rivers Academy in years 10 and 11 through GCSE P.E.
This gives pupils an extra 3 P.E lessons per week, on top of their core P.E lessons.
The GCSE course comprises of a theory based assessment, and a practical based assessment. The GCSE course is a full course, which means pupils will gain a full GCSE at the end of year 11.

Theory based - 40%

In previous years PE candidates have been required to design, complete and evaluate a Personal Exercise Program over a six week period and submit as coursework. With the new syllabus this is no longer the case.
Pupils are now required to complete a written exam which is worth 40% of their final grade. Within this exam there will be:
  • Multiple choice questions (10 marks)
  • Short answer questions (50 marks)
  • Pre released scenario questions (20 marks)
The Exam board will release the case study that pupils will be studying and analysing from all aspects of the syllabus within both theory and practical lessons from January onwards. It would be advisable that pupils spend their own time re-reading the case study once a week to ensure they are as familiar as possible with it.

Practical based – 60%

Pupils are assessed in four sports. These will be chosen not on what are their favourites, rather those that they can achieve the highest marks in. Pupils have been assessed in a number of different activities during their practical lessons and their strongest will be chosen from these results. There will then be a moderation day where a representative from the exam board will visit the school and may ask to see any of the pupils perform in any of the chosen sports. All candidates will be involved in the moderation day; however it is possible that not all pupils and activities will be required to perform for the moderator.
Pupils will also complete an evaluation of a performance within one of their chosen activities. This can be done orally or written depending on the student and the chosen sport. The assessment will take place during the candidate’s practical lessons. To help prepare pupils will need to:
  • Discuss with PE teacher/coach the key skills that are required in their chosen sport.
  • Practice identifying all the strengths and weaknesses of their own and others performances and relate these to elite athletes.
  • Locate various clips of elite performances in their chosen sport.