KS3 Physical Education Assessment

Here at Rivers we have utilised the modifications that have been made to the PE National Curriculum over the past few years. We have created an interesting and diverse curriculum that suits all needs and interests of pupils entering KS3.
All year 7 students are put through a Fundamental scheme of work, this provides them with a basis of all the movement, balance, and co-ordination that are essential in every sport. Along with this, pupils are given the opportunity to take on many different roles in a wide variety of games activities, Outdoor Adventure Activities (OAA), and HRF. By the time pupils reach Yr9 the girls are given the chance to choose a Games and Leadership or Health Related Fitness pathway.
Our PE department strive to have pupils constantly aware of what levels they are achieving and know what needs to be done to improve that level. Pupils are assessed in a number of different strands that allow them to access levels and express their talent in a variety of different skills needed within PE, not just simply as a performer.

Below are the six strands that pupils are assessed in at KS3;

Personal Attitude and approach to learning and how comfortable, confident and motivated you are.
Social Ability to work well, communicate and learn with others.
Cognitive Ability to order and understand, problem solve, apply skills and make appropriate decisions.   
Creative Ability to explore, express yourself, use your imagination and develop your own ideas and solutions.
Physical  Quality of your fundamental movement skills and your ability to combine and transfer skills effectively in a range of activity and sporting environments.
Health and Fitness Your understanding of and ability to demonstrate your health and fitness recognising how your body reacts to exercise, how you handle equipment and awareness of your safety and safety of others around you