As part of the provision we provide for all students to explore all possible pathways post Rivers Academy, students in the sixth form will have the opportunity to engage with a number of local businesses. Over the last couple of years the academy has built up some strong affiliations with a variety of companies. In the past year we have worked with companies such as BskyB, British Gas, IBM, St Giles Hotel and Carillion, amongst others.  Students have been given a wide range of different opportunities with these companies, work experience, advice on searching for a job, interview practice, industry challenges and finance conferences are amongst the things that students have engaged with this year.

Through these links we are very pleased that two of our Year 13 students managed to secure an apprenticeship with BskyB.

We will continue to build links over the next year and as an example of our work we have already secured some placements at BP to add to all that was available this year.

If you know of any companies or would be interested yourself to help us by offering week / day / afternoon placements, interview practice, guest speakers in the academy or help offer any other transferrable skill please contact Mr Berryman on


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